General Information

  • Installation
    Student Computing Services (SCS) will install course-related software and for use in the SCS Public Computer Labs and Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC). The software must be designed to run on Windows XP (SP3) or Mac OS X (10.5) as a restricted Guest user.
  • Authority
    All software installations on SCS lab computers and in SCS TEC classrooms are done by SCS Staff only. Prior arrangements should be made with SCS to ensure successful deployment and operation of software.
  • Licensing
    Licensing does not permit Alpha/Beta Software, Demo-ware, Trial-ware, or Shareware applications. Free software is subject to its Licensing Terms. Proof of Licensing and Supporting Documentation is required for all software and must match the number of computers intending to run the software concurrently and must accompany the Installation Form. No software will be installed that violates the software’s License Terms. No software will be installed that is out of support by the vendor / author.
  • Availability
    To ensure availability at the start of a semester, the Software Installation Request Form and accompanying software must be given to SCS according to the published Deadlines.

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