Software Installation Request Form (SIRF)


  • Lab Reservations Required
    • Ensure that you have reserved the Technology Enhanced Classroom (TEC) in which you plan to use the software. TEC lab reservations are done through the office of Academic Affairs by dialing x5420 or through the R25 website.


  • Software Installation Request Form Guidelines
    1. Review and understand all of the information required before submitting the Software Installation Request Form.
    2. Be conscious of the Semester Deadlines for Submitting a software Installation Request.
    3. Involving UTS and SCS early on in this process will ensure a timely and successful deployment.
    4. Review the List of Existing Software available here. The software you are requesting may already be available to you.
    5. If you are requesting new software or an upgrade to an existing software, you must consult with your Dean and Departmental Chair prior to submitting the Request to SCS.
    6. Software installed in the SCS computer labs is audited on a regular basis.  You may be asked to fill out a "Continuance Form" to keep your software up to date on the systems.

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