TESL/TEFL Schedule of Classes

FALL 2013


Note: Class schedules for undergraduate and graduate courses are listed under the above links. Some courses may have prerequisites or co-requisites (i.e., courses that you must complete before enrolling in others or courses that must/may be taken simultaneously). In addition, you may need to obtain prior authorization (i.e., a permission code entered into the university computer system) from the department before registering for some classes; contact the TESL/TEFL Program Office Manager, the appropriate advisor (undergraduate or graduate), or the Department Chair at (773) 442-5872 or for authorization. After the semester has started, however, you must first obtain permission from the professor of record before authorization can be given. In all cases, once you have been authorized, you will need to complete your registration through the university portal.

For instructions on how to register, please click here. 

A complete list of all courses being offered at the university is also available online.