Minor in Teaching English as a Second Language

Undergraduate students may complete a minor in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language. "Minor Declaration Forms" may be obtained from the department office (Lech Walesa Hall, Room CLS-3062) or from the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (Science Building, Room SCI -158). Be sure to indicate code "M150" when completing the form.

Undergraduate students working toward the completion of a degree in the College of Education that will culminate in their earning a valid Illinois teaching certificate (Type 03, 04, 09, or 10) may simultaneously complete the requirements recognized by Northeastern Illinois University's College of Education and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) for an endorsement in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). The State requirements include successful completion of the coursework identified for the minor along with completion of 100 clock hours of TESL clinical experience; students should register for TESL 399: Clinical Experience in TESL for 1 credit after having taken TESL 340. Upon completion of all requirements, students will need to complete and submit Form 73-49; please follow directions on the ISBE website.  PLEASE NOTE: The 100 Clinical hours are NOT a requirement of the TESL minor: they are one of the state’s requirements for receiving TESL Approval and can be fulfilled by taking TESL 399. For more information, please contact William Stone at 773-442-5880 (

Please note, your transcripts will only reflect the minor, not the endorsement. Since the State of Illinois grants the endorsement, you will need to submit your paperwork together with your application for your teaching certification.

Required Courses

TESL 301 The English Language for Teachers  3 cr.
TESL 310 English Grammar: Description and Instruction  3 cr.
TESL 320
TESL 330
Language and Culture

Language, Society, and Education
 3 cr.
TESL 341 TESL: Principles of Language Teaching  3 cr.
TESL 340 TESL: Practices and Procedures  3 cr.
TESL 343
BLBC 342
TESL: Assessment

Assessment in the Bilingual Classroom
 3 cr.
*TESL 399 Clinical Experience in TESL  1 cr.
TOTAL:    18-19 cr.

*Required of COE teacher candidates who are also seeking State of Illinois endorsement in TESL; not required of non-teacher candidates seeking minor only.