Fall Semester 2013

Welcome back! Fall is ideal weather for Biking. Come to our next club meeting. We are Looking for Officers and Members to lead this club. If you are new, Remember to join our Email Discusion List and introduce yourself on our Facebook Club Page! For News and Upcoming Events, Visit our News Page


Meet Members

New to the club? "Like" our Facebook Club Page and Interact with other members. Organize rides to and from campus. Share your favotire routes. Club Meetings held at 3:00pm every second tuesdays of the month in the south end of the cafeteria.



Posse Up!

Join the group riding to the Chicago Critical Mass Ride on the last Friday of every month.   Meet at the Octagon (couryard just south of the Student Union).  Leaving promptly at 4:15 PM to ride downtown for a party on wheels.

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Toolbox Available

have a flat? Break a cable? Saddle come loose? Stop at the Information Desk in the Student Union Building! Deposit your ID, take the toolbox, fix your bike, return the toolbox and retrieve your ID! There's spare tubes, tire patch kits, a pump...

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Involved in a bike crash?

Report it!

The Chicago Department of Transportation is seeking personal stories from bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists about traffic crashes involving bicycles. The stories would be used as part of a traffic-safety video CDOT is creating.
      If you'd like to participate, please fill out one of the forms below and return it to their office. Forms are also available at...


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Did you Know?

A survey done during the Fall term of 2004 by Institutional Studies and Planning: over 60% of the students and over 50% of the staff live with 5-miles of Northeastern! All the more reason to bike to campus! Join the Bike Club today!


Saftey Tips You Should Know:

*Bicyclists are required to travel in the same direction as vehicles.

*Bicyclists should travel just to the right of faster moving vehicles. However, certain hazards, such as rough surfaces, debris, drainage grates or a narrow traffic lane, may require bike riders to move toward the center of the lane.

*Drivers must yield the right of way to a bicyclist just as they would another vehicle.

*If a motorist is turning right and a bicyclist is approaching on the right, let the bicyclist go through the intersection first before making a right turn, remember to always signal your turns.


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