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Chicago's East Side Churches
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Architectural Style of Saint Simeon
Saint Simeon Mirotovici
St Petri United Church of Christ

              St. Petri United Church of Christ, 1910

St. Petri United Church of Christ was founded in 1885 by 24 German immigrants. Services were originally held ina local school and then in a small wooden structure.  The current church building was built of wood by architects Diethelm and Franz Roy in the style of German churches at a cost of $10,000.  The building was dedicated in 1892.  In 1919 the exterior walls of the church building were brick veneered.  This view of the church, which is located at 103rd and Avenue L, was taken in 1910.  The church has no parking lot, a reminder that it was a community church and the members walked to services.  Currently many members of the congregation reside in the suburbs.  The building is thought to be the oldest surviving church structure in the East Side neighborhood. 

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