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Chicago's East Side Churches
Introduction to East Side Churches
Bethlehem Lutheran Church
St Petri United Church of Christ
St. Francis de Sales
Annunciata Church 
Architectural Style of Saint Simeon
Saint Simeon Mirotovici
St George Catholic Church

   St. George is one of three Catholic churches in the East Side neighborhood.  It is the only ethnic parish, the other two churches, St. Francis De Sales and Annunciata, are territorial parishes.  Territorial Catholic parishes have defined geographical boundaries.  Ethnic parishes are established to serve particular ethnic groups.  St. George's  parish serves the Slovenian community of the Southeast Side.  It was founded in 1903 and also had large numbers of Italian and Croatian parishioners.  The Croatians, when their numbers increased, founded their own ethnic parish, Sacred Heart, in the South Deering community across the Calumet River in 1913.  St. George's parishioners are predominantly Mexican at present. 

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