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Chicago's Southeast Side Revisited
A Pictorial History
by Rod Sellers

       A second pictorial history of Chicago’s Southeast Side tells the story of our most interesting and vibrant Chicago community from a chronological approach.  It looks at important themes of American History from the perspective of this urban, working class community.  Industrialization, urbanization, unionization, immigration, and Americanization were themes that played out on the Southeast Side of Chicago.  The book looks at how the community dealt with problems like fire,  depression, wars, pollution, and the decline of heavy industry, especially the steel industry.   The struggle between economic development and protection of the natural environment is also part of the story. 
       The book includes 231 pictures, maps, and other images from the collections of the Southeast Historical Museum and from the author’s personal collections.  Many of the images come from the slide and negative collections of the Museum and have not previously been available to the public. 
 Chicago’s Southeast Side Revisited is being published by Arcadia Press, publisher of numerous pictorial histories of local communities throughout the United States. The initial printing will include 2,100 copies.  This is the second book about our community.  The first, Chicago’s Southeast Side, was one of Arcadia’s best sellers, and has sold over 11,000 copies thus far.  Dominic Pacyga and Rod Sellers were co-authors of the first book. 

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