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July 3, 1962 Daily Calumet Headline
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4th of July Celebration

        A petition was signed by the citizens of South Deering requesting a park. It was brought to the board of the 13th District and in 1909 Trumball Park was established between 103rd and 105th, between Bensely and Oglesby Avenues.  The park was named after Mr. Lyman Trumball.  He was an outstanding political figure of Illinois during the Civil War period.  It was designed by the Olmsted Brothers and secured by the "Women's Libers", the South Deering Improvement Association and Wisconsin Steel Company. 
       At first, the park only had playing fields, tennis and croquet courts and winter sports.  Later on, more improvements were added such as a swimming pool, a field house, and sand courts.  The park had programs such as concerts, kite flying contests and ball games. The most important social event in South Deering was held at Trumbull and was their 4th of July Celebration.  It was sponsored by the South Deering Improvement Association.  The days activities included a parade, beauty contest, sports activities, and a huge fireworks display.  Residents of many of the surrounding communities came to Trumbull Park for the 4th of July Celebration and most particularly the woderful fireworks show. 

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