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Chicago's South Deering 
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 Introduction to South Deering Industry
 Wisconsin Steel
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General Mills
 Introduction for the South Deering Steel Industries

General Mills and Other South Deering 
Industries Located On the Calumet River

       Industry is probably the main reason South Deering was put on the maps.  One main factor for the birth of industry in South Deering is because of the Calumet River.  This gave the many different industries easy access to the water. Another reason for the industries prosperity was due to the many immigrants who flocked to the neighborhood in search of jobs and a better life .   Industry is what made South Deering .  Areas of South Deering , such as Slag Valley and Irondale , were named to honor the industries of South Deering .  Many people tend to overlook the fact that the community that they live within was once very prosperous and very popular . The industries contain untold stories and an unimaginable history . 

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