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Calumet Bakery

Calumet Bakery, 1939
Matt Pocernich - Owner, Betty Stampar - Store Clerk,
Anna Pocernich - Matt's Mother, Kamille Pocernich - Matt's wife with Matt Jr.


        This bakery was started in 1935, by a man named, Matthew Pocernich.  Being a very young man he decided to start building in 1935.  He chose as the name for his bakery, the town named Calumet.  Others say that is was derived from the Calumet River in what is now present South Deering.  In approximately 1937, on Thanksgiving day, he decided to finally open,  selling everything from breakfast pastries to wedding cakes.  Gradually, he grew bigger and later in 1996, he opened another bakery in Indiana.  He became very successful and his bakery was known throughout the region.   In 2001, he passed away.  The bakery is now run by his son, Matthew Pocernich Jr. 

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