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Bright School Class of June 1925

     In 1922 Orville Bright School was built on 107th and Calhoun.  The school's address is 10740 S. Calhoun Ave.  As the neighborhood grew, Bright school began to overflow with students.  So in 1938 they began to enlarge the school.
Bright School has many partnerships all around Chicagoland.  College students from Governer's State University attend education classes in the morning, and in the afternoon the students help in various classes.  Chicago State University helps the students, teachers, and observers gain information for the college.  Bright also has a partnership with the University of Chicago in Illinois (UIC).  Bright has also received many awards . Among them were The Dewit Wallace Readers Digest Grant,  Education Connection, and the Ameritech Foundation Award. 

Bright School Students 1933

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