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South Deering Residential Architecture
South Deering 
Block History 10800 Hoxie
Chart History 10800 Hoxie
CNT Chart 10800 Hoxie
Trumbull Park Homes
Jeffery Manor / Merrionette Manor
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South Deering 
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     Students have selected one representative block in each of the communities of Chicago's Southeast Side.  The block was chosen to illustrate various styles of residential architecture common in the particular community.  The 10800 block of Hoxie Avenue was chosen for the South Deering community.  Most of the surrounding area was developed during the growth years of Wisconsin Steel Works which first opened in 1875.  By the turn of the century, large numbers of people, many of them immigrants, came to South Deering seeking the jobs in area mills and in need of housing.  This particular portion of South Deering was known as Irondale.  Information for the "Block Chart" was derived from city building permits and is somewhat incomplete.  The CNT chart was developed from information from the Center for Neighborhood Technology web site.  Images were taken with a digital camera by the students who worked on this project. 

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