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Immaculate Conception
Polish Catholic Church

Original Wooden Church

    Immaculate Conception Church is a Polish Catholic church that is located at 88th Street 2944 East South Chicago. It was established in 1882.  In 1881 about thirty polish families who lived in the area of 88th and Commercial Avenue, came together to form the St. Vincent's Benevolent Society. They wanted to organize a parish that would have a church and a school. So on December 19, 1881 the Catholic Bishop of Chicago contracted to buy the southeast corner of 88th Street and Houston Avenue for a sum of $2,457.50 to the parishioners. Also on June 26, 1882 the coorner of 88th Street and Commercial Avenue was contracted for about the sum of $7,345.00 to St. Vincent Benevolent Society.  Thus a two-story building was built but they faced a major setback, a stong wind seriously damaged the new structure. In late1883 a new building was built and was used for two years but was later destroyed by a fire. Then with the help of everyone in the community and many donations a new church was built complete with a school and auditorium. In 1889 a new rectory was going to be built at the northeast corner of 88th Street and Exchange Avenue. And on Feburary 10. 1901 it was decided to build the auditorium and a new school. The grand opening of the auditorium was held on Thanksgiving Day of 1901. The first school for Immaculate Conception was located on the first floor of the two story building that was located 88th Street and Commercial Avenue. Due to the fire in 1894 school was held in the parish hall. In 1901 a new frame building was established for school.

Current View of Church

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