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 People's Gas Store
 Drake Fountain / Columbus Monument
Drake Fountain / Columbus Monument

Columbus Monument and South Chicago Hotel

Columbus Monument and Calumet Theater


      Drake Fountain, also known as the Columbus Monument, is located at 92nd Street, South Chicago Avenue and Exchange Avenue.  It was a gift to Chicago from hotel owner, John B. Drake and was originally located on Washington Street in a plaza created by a light court of the former City Hall-County Building.  Known as an “ice water fountain”, it originally dispensed cool drinking water from its four granite basins to office workers passing by.  It is distinguished by its Victorian Gothic design and features curving buttresses rising to a Gothic spire, in front of which is a bronze statue of a young Christopher Columbus.  Believed to be Chicago’s first statue commemorating Columbus, the monument was originally dedicated in December 1892 to mark the 400th anniversary of his voyage.  The fountain was moved to La Salle Street in 1906 and to its current location in 1909.  It was designated a Chicago Landmark by ordinance of the City Council on March 10, 2004.  The monument was rededicated in a ceremony on October 8, 2004. 

Columbus Monument and Robert Hall Clothing Store

Columbus Monument
Artist Sketch by Joe Mulac

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