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Chart History 13100 Brandon 
 CNT Chart 13100 Brandon
Hegewisch Block History
13100 Brandon Avenue

      The 131st block of Brandon started to form in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  The first house documented on this block is 13138 S Brandon Avenue.  It was built on February 15, 1883.  Brandon Street was called Hegewisch Street, it was later changed to Ontario Street, finally, it was changed to Brandon.  The block now has twenty-eight houses.  The last house built was 13114 Brandon Street and it was built on July 15, 1941. After this, although some garages were built and some houses were remodeled, not many changes occurred. 
     All of the houses on this block are residential.  Many of the houses on this block are frame.  There remain two empty lots on this block.  The material of the majority of the houses on this block are brick,  others are are frame bungalows.  The block was completed in the 1900's.  Although not included in Avalon Trails. the block was 1 block away from the major post war development, Avalon Trails.  The Avalon Trails were being advertised a lot for beautiful and quality homes.  Another major section of Hegewisch was the Arizona neighborhood. It is located east of the 13100 block of Brandon.
     Currently, the surrounding area includes many  public places.  Some of these places are: Henry Clay Elementary School, Saint Florian Church, Saint Columba Church, Mann Park, and the Metra Train Station.  Saint Florian and Saint Columba Churches are Catholic churches.  Mann Park is the major park in the Hegewisch area.  Henry Clay Elementary School is located just a few blocks away and is the nearest public school.  St. Florian is the nearest Catholic School

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