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Original Taylor School


     Douglas Taylor School is a public elementary school located on 99th and Avenue 'H'. The school was built in 1878, and at the time only cost 2,000 dollars. The school was given its name because of a well known man in the area named Douglas S. Taylor. He was a dealer in real estate, and his home (see below) was located where the Calumet Park Field house is located now. He also made the another donation of a site and materials to start the building of the school.  In 1878, students attending the school were mainly German and Swedish but Italians and other ethnic groups began to attend in later years.  The school now has a majority of Hispanics. 

Taylor Mansion on Site of Present Day Calumet Park Field House


      In 1994 the school became over crowded and the principal decided to eliminate the 7th and 8th grade classrooms for the younger children. The 7th and 8th graders were sent to attend Gallistel Branch , located behind St. Francis church, in what was originally Saint Francis De Sales elementary school. It was given the name Gallistel branch because that school uses it for their 7th and 8th graders. In 1996-1997 the Chicago Public Schools began the building of Taylor's annex on the area which was behind the school and formerly as a playground.  In 1997-1998 they finished building the annex and it was ready for children.  The students that hadn't yet graduated returned to attend Taylor and became the first eighth grade graduating class at Taylor since 1994. 

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