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Taverns and Saloons

      Taverns and saloons were more than a place were you could go and drink after work.  They offered the community a social life and a place to let time pass by, a place away from work and family.  Many saloons offered meals to the work force around that area.  Some catered to a particular ethnic groups.  Most were "men only" establishments while others were stand-up taverns with little or no furniture except for their spittoons on the floor.  Not only were taverns and saloons places were you could play cards and drink but they were also the scene of many political and business deals.  Taverns and saloons were 20% of the businesses in the Eastside.  Even though many have closed in recent years it is still a large percentage of businesses.  The types of taverns and saloons depends on the cultural background of the owner.  Irish and German owners were once predominant and they served everyone regardless their ethnicity with out the patrons feeling uncomfortable. 

Ludwig Anderson Tavern Exterior
Ludwig Anderson Tavern Interior

Frank King's Tavern Interior

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