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Original Gallistel School on 110th and Green Bay


    Gallistel School is a public elementary school on 103rd and Ewing Ave. The school got its name from a well known man in the area  named Matthew Gallistel. The original Gallistel school was located at 11019 Greenbay Ave. It was a one room building. 

Gallistel School 103rd and Ewing Avenue


       Gallistel was the first public school to be built on the East Side. The new school was built on its present site in 1876. When the new school was built, the school on 11019 Greenbay was closed down.  The new school was a four floor building. 

Gallistel School c.1910


       Gallistel currently has a branch, on 102nd Ewing Avenue, behind St. Francis church. The building being used  was formerly the site of St. Francis De Sales grammer school. Gallistel branch houses the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders that attend Gallistel. 
       In 1854 Matthew Gallistel settled in Chicago. He was a prominent member in Southeast Side of Chicago. He succeeded J. Bremer as Postmaster of the Postal Service in 1880. With this he carried on a real estate and fire-insurance business. In 1863 he married Miss  Marie Duschek and had five children.  While president of South Chicago Board of Education a school was erected and named after him. 

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