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Chicago's East Side Residential Architecture
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9700 Ave H
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9700 Avenue H 
Block History

     The 9700 block is in the section of the East Side originally known as Taylorville.  It was  named after a real estate developer by the name of Douglas Taylor who sold property on the north end of the East Side.  A local elementary school is also named after Taylor.  The 9700 block was at one time located almost on the lakefront.  Railroad tracks run east of the block and at one time they ran along the lake shore.  In the early 1900's land began to be filled in mostly with slag from U. S. Steel South Works to create a park.  Calumet Park started as a 40 acre site but eventually grew to almost 200 acres by the time it was finished.  There are a variety of housing styles on the block built over a long period of time. 

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