Chicago's Southeast Side:
An Environmental History
Industry v Nature
Classes of Washington High School

This booklet is one of several outcomes of a cross curricular, project based initiative at Washington High School. The overall project was part of a Chicago Annenberg Challenge Grant overseen by the Chicago Metro History Education Center and has been in operation since 1997. Funding for this booklet was generously provided by the Oppenheimer Family Foundation. 

In relating the history of the Southeast Side from an environmental perspective, students have researched topics from the point of view of their respective disciplines. Articles were prepared by the students and are the basis for the text of this booklet. Another outcome of the project was the gathering of numerous materials relating to environmental issues in the region. They have been organized as the "Annenberg Environmental History Collection" and are housed at the Southeast Historical Museum in the Calumet Park Field House. Some students in the project participated in the CIMBY (Calumet Is My Backyard) Program. They were involved in environmental restoration projects at various sites in the Calumet region and in the release of Purple Loosestrife Beetles at Wolf Lake. 

Many have helped in the development of this booklet. We would like to thank the Southeast Historical Museum for the use of their facilities and for the pictures which they furnished. Special thanks to Ora Coon who assists Museology students. Thanks also to Raymond Mulac for the images of area industries from his postcard collection. Thanks to James Landing of the University of Illinois Chicago, Keith Ryder of the Army Corps of Engineers, and Judy Lihota of CEPA for providing maps for the booklet. Thanks to Marian Byrnes for her presentation to students and information about the environmental movement on the Southeast Side. 

Thanks especially to the students of Washington High School who assisted in this project. This includes Biology, Chemistry, Museology students and students involved in the CIMBY Program. Besides the students listed in the book, the following students contributed written materials: Ingrid J., Erik P., Simona V., Eileen F., Carolina C., Yolanda M., Elizabeth P., Reyna S., and Leticia S.. 

Washington High School Annenberg Team
Eva Aseves - Biology / CIMBY
Rita Koziarski - Chemistry
Rod Sellers - History / Museology


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