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Post Card Views of the Southeast Side

In these two postcards from South Chicago and from Hegewisch, the importance of churches as neighborhood institutions is obvious. The South Chicago post card shows (from top left clockwise): Swedish Lutheran Church, St. Joseph's Rectory, the Jewish Synagogue, St. Joseph's Church, St. Michael's Church, Immaculate Conception Church, and the 1st Congregational Church. The Hegewisch post card shows: St. Columba Church (top right), Hegewisch Methodist Church (bottom right), and St. Florian Church (bottom left). Neighborhood post cards were very common in the early twentieth century and provide an interesting view of what area neighborhoods looked like at that time. The Southeast Historical Museum has a number of very interesting post card views of Chicago's Southeast Side. 

This booklet has been produced by the Museology Class of Washington High School. The Museology Program has been in operation at the Southeast Historical Museum since 1990 and has been engaged in numerous project based activities since its inception. Funding for this booklet was generously provided by the Oppenheimer Family Foundation and the Disney Creative Classroom Grant. Many have helped in the development of this booklet. We would like to thank the Southeast Historical Museum for the use of their facilities and for the pictures which they furnished. Special thanks to Ora Coon who assists Museology students. Thanks also to the local residents and clergy who contributed their memories, materials, and suggestions. Thanks to Joseph Mulac, local artist, for the use of his paintings of area churches which were used on the cover of this booklet. How many of these churches can you identify? Thanks especially to the students of Washington High School in the Museology Program who assisted in this project. 

Rod Sellers - Museology Coordinator

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