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Bomba Group Spring 2012
Bomba Group Spring 2012

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Las Comadres is a womyn’s initiative focusing on the professional and psychosocial development of Latina students at NEIU. A semester-long drop-in group, Las Comadres strives to identify issues that impact participants’ personal and professional growth. The program will achieve this by providing workshops and seminars allowing participants to build upon their skill sets to attain post-baccalaureate options for employment and/or graduate school.


National Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes the contributions made and the important presence of Hispanic and Latino/a Americans to the United States. During this month-long observation, the Center will celebrate the Hispanic/Latino/a heritage and culture through a variety of programming. Join us as we celebrate the bright and colorful mosaic made up by the cultures of Latino America.

Angelina Pedroso Center for Diversity and Intercultural Affairs

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