Legislative Mandate

By statute, the Illinois Board of Higher Education is authorized "to review, periodically, all existing programs of instruction, research, and public service at the State universities and colleges and to advise the appropriate board of control if the contribution of each program is not educationally and economically justified." (110 ILCS 205/7)

New academic programs are reviewed initially 3 years after program approval and implementation and thereafter on a periodic basis up to a maximum of every 8 years. Programs that are also subject to specialized or disciplinary accreditations may substitute the accreditation self-study done for that program in lieu of the self-study and include relevant documents. Please contact the Office of Assessment and Program Review for more information in these cases.

The Provost on behalf of the University and in consultation with the President, Deans, and Executive Director of the OAPR will indicate one of three potential outcomes for each review:

  1. Program is in good standing
  2. Program has been flagged for priority review
  3. Program enrollments are suspended

An executive summary of the review is prepared and sent to the state. Programs that are flagged will be required to submit annual progress reports that address identified shortcomings and plans for improvement. If improvements have not been made after a period of three years, the program may be recommended for suspension or closure.

At the conclusion of the program review, the results of the review are shared and reports are sent to IBHE by the OAPR.

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