The Assessment Advisory Committee (AAC)

Established in 2007, initially as the Assessment and Institutional Studies Advisory Committee, the Committee was renamed in 2008 as the Assessment Advisory Committee to more clearly communicate its focus. The charge of this Committee is to assist the University by providing informed professional counsel regarding issues such as:

  1. Development of institutional assessment strategies,
  2. Review of best practices and the promotion of appropriate measures to assess student learning to enhance academic quality and student success.
  3. Identifying ongoing university data needs as well as identifying emerging data needs to be addressed relative to supporting successful student outcomes at the program, department, college and university levels.
  4. Ways to share information regarding the Office’s activities including reports, websites, and other news vehicles with their constituencies.
  5. Providing faculty insights on a wide-range of issues related to assessment, program reviews, accreditation efforts, and ways to articulate academic quality to our constituencies

Membership consists of the Associate Deans of each College, faculty members from each college, a representative from Academic Development, a representative from Student Life, a representative from the Center for Teaching and Learning and is chaired by the Executive Director of Assessment and Program Review. The current members are listed below:

  • Suzanne Benson, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Development; Coordinator, Weekend College
  • Lorn Coleman, Director Career Services
  • Edmund Hansen, Director Center for Teaching and Learning and Acting Assessment Coordinator, College of Business
  • Lisa Hollis-Sawyer, Associate Professor Psychology and Women’s Studies; Coordinator, Gerontology Program
  • John Kasmer, Associate Professor and Chair, Biology
  • Effie Kritikos, Professor, Special Education; Associate Dean, College of Education
  • David Leaman, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Jeanine Ntihirageza, Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Teaching English as a Second Language
  • David Rutschman, Professor Mathematics; Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Marcelo Sztainberg, Associate Professor Computer Science, Interim Dean of the Graduate College
  • Joaquin Villegas, Associate Professor Teacher Education

If you wish to be considered for membership, please contact the OAPR at ext. 5326.

Advisory Committee

Left to Right, front row: John Kasmer, Effie Kritikos, Angeles Eames, Lisa Hollis-Sawyer, Pat Fulton; back row: Jessie Franco (guest), Lorn Coleman, Edmund Hansen, David Leaman.

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