Mission and Goals


The Office of Assessment and Program Review provides leadership in planning, support, and administration of assessment and review activities of all university programs, departments, colleges and student services and academic support units. We work with faculty, staff, committees, faculty governance bodies and administration to assess the general education program and other university-wide programs. In conjunction with the Assessment Advisory Committee, University Computing, assessment coordinators, deans, faculty governance bodies, and staff we develop enterprise-wide solutions for the collection and dissemination of assessment, program review data, and accreditation support. In conjunction with the Assessment Advisory Committee, the office develops and administers the University’s Annual Assessment Survey.

We keep abreast of the latest trends, conduct research and develop grants on special projects, and share pertinent federal, state, legislative, and accreditation reports with faculty, staff and administration. The Executive Director serves as a liaison to the Illinois Board of Higher Education for reporting related to academic program reviews and related issues and serves as an expert resource in accreditation matters. She serves as a peer consultant evaluator for the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The Office provides technical expertise and develops databases, charts, graphs, and surveys to support selected assessment and program review activities. Through our work we help Northeastern Illinois University achieve and sustain academic excellence, positive student outcomes and community engagement.


  1. Lead efforts to develop organizational structures to support assessment and program review activities. Promote a culture of assessment.
  2. Provide expertise in developing conceptual and theoretical frameworks to guide assessment and program review activities and the design of plans and implementation strategies.
  3. Provide leadership in the selection, administration and maintenance of enterprise-wide assessment management systems. Provide information and technical support in measuring student learning, data collection and analysis, so that meaningful and valid interpretations can be made.
  4. Coordinate program and unit review processes including timelines, strategy development, protocols and templates necessary for the implementation of program and unit review.
  5. Provide relevant professional development opportunities for administrators, faculty and staff.
  6. Disseminate relevant research and best practices for continual organizational learning and development and to support excellence in teaching and student learning outcomes.
  7. Administer the University’s Assessment Plan, the General Education Assessment Plan, and the assessment of special initiatives.
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