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Admission Process

Application process may take up to three weeks after a complete application packet is received. The major steps in the admission process are:

Step 1

Submit the completed Admission Application to Graduate Admissions and Records as per the deadline schedule for each semester provided with the application materials. Provide all supporting documents for your application to be complete.

Step 2

The completed application and documents are first evaluated by Graduate Admissions and Records staff to determine initial admission eligibility. The file is then forwarded to the program advisor for departmental review.

Step 3

The program advisor evaluates the application and then forwards the admission recommendation to Graduate Admissions and Records.

Step 4

Graduate Admissions and Records notifies the applicant about the decision regarding their admission.

Have more questions regarding admission?

Please contact Graduate Admissions and Records at (773) 442-6005 OR (773) 442-6001