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Name: Ashanti Roberts
Phone: (773)442-5361
Name: Dr. Joyce Jennings
Phone: (773)442-5398
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The Department of Literacy Education offers three strands of graduate work leading to Type 10 Reading Specialist/Literacy Coach Certification, Reading Teacher Endorsement for Elementary Grades, or Reading Teacher Endorsement for Secondary Grades, all designed to meet the urgent need for informed and trained instructional leaders in literacy education. The specific objectives of the programs are: to increase candidates knowledge of the nature and score of literacy processes; to advance professional growth in the teaching of literacy; to provide specialized training in assessment and intervention for students who struggle with reading and writing; to prepare candidates for leadership in literacy instructional planning, curriculum development, and professional support. Please visit the Department of Literacy Education website at for further information.

Is this for me?

This program is for you if you are a certified teacher who wants to advance to a literacy coaching or reading specialist position or if you want to improve literacy learning in your school or classroom.


Schools and school districts are in constant need of specialists and coaches who can provide instructional leadership in the area of literacy as well as reading teachers who can support students who are struggling in reading and writing.