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Master of Arts in Gifted Education

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Name: Michele Kane
Phone: (773)442-5594
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The Department of Special Education offers the Master of Arts in Gifted Education to address the needs of gifted and talented learners. This advanced degree is designed for candidates who are interested in advanced preparation supporting, teaching, and guiding gifted children and their families. Coursework includes a solid foundation in the nature of giftedness, identification of the gifted, program planning, gifted curriculum, differentiated educational strategies, and program evaluation.

Credit hours required: 30

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Differentiation of instruction is an essential skill for any classroom teacher and is central to the development of a teacher of students who are gifted and talented. At the heart of the MAGE program are the skills needed for the 21st century including creative and critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving and social and emotional learning. These transferable skills will enhance the professional experience of any educator.


Innovation, creativity, strategic decision-making, entrepreneurship, and collaborative teamwork are the hallmarks of preparing 21st century learners for college and careers. The MAGE program involves the education of high-ability learners in experiences designed to hone students' personal abilities as well as the abilities of those who are teaching, thus ensuring cutting edge skills for educators and their students.