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Master of Science in Biology

College of Arts and Sciences


Name: Dr. Mary Kimble
Phone: (773)442-5727
Link: Department Website


The Master of Science in Biology program is designed to serve those interested in or needing advanced training to fulfill their career goals in applied or basic biological research and/or teaching. The program provides a sound basis for further graduate or professional studies. The Biology M.S. is a broadly based program of study allowing students to tailor courses to suit their interests. Laboratory skills are integral to many careers that require the Biology M.S.; thus, students are encouraged to include as many courses that have a lab component in their course of study as possible. Areas of study include genetics, molecular biology, morphology/taxonomy, physiology, and ecology.

Is this for me?

Every student has his/her specific reason for wanting to obtain a Biology M.S. degree. The most common include (1) advancement in current career, e.g. individuals working in K-12 education or in private and government labs, (2) minor career change, e.g. move from K-12 teaching to the community college level, (3) becoming more competitive for admission to an advanced degree program, e.g. a Ph.D. or health profession program.

Inappropriate reason to pursue an M.S. in Biology: Major career change/entry into the sciences, i.e. the undergraduate degree was not in the sciences. For these individuals, the best route is to enroll as a second degree seeking undergrad while completing basic undergraduate level biology and cognate science courses that are prerequisites for admission to advanced degree programs.


Demand for individuals with advanced degrees in any/all fields of Biology is high and increasing. This is especially true in the areas of K-12 education, government and industry research/policy/monitoring etc., and in the health professions.