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1. Where do I send my application?
 Northeastern Illinois University
 Admissions Office
 5500 North St. Louis Ave.
 Chicago, IL  60625-4699

Apply online!

2. What is the application fee?
The application fee is $30.00:

  • Online applications:  check or credit card
  • Mailed applications:  check

You may also pay your application fee in person at the Bursar's Office located in Building D, Room 101 with cash, check, or credit card

3. How do I get an application fee waiver?
Acceptable documents must be dated within the last six months and include:

  • Fee Waiver Request Form from your Community College (see your Academic Advisor or Counselor):
  • Proof of Unemployment
  • FAFSA Student Aid Report where Expected Family Contribution (EFC) = 0
  • Department of Human Services or public aid paperworkUnacceptable documents include:  LINK/SNAP cards or AllKids Medical Insurance card

A photocopy of the document may be sent with your admission application.  If you are applying online, click the fee waiver option, then hit submit.  A form will pop up letting you know that you will need to show proof to qualify, then hit enter again.  Your application will then be submitted and we will wait for your documents to complete your application. 

4. How do I know how my transfer credit will be accepted at Northeastern?

We know how important it is to get credit for courses you have previously taken and not have to repeat any of them. Here is information that will help in understanding how Northeastern Illinois University will accept transfer credit:

Upon applying for admission and sending official transcripts from each college attended all students receive an official transcript evaluation. This is the best and only true indicator of how your credits will transfer.

If you will be coming to NEIU with an ICCB (Illinois Community College Board) Model AA, AS, or AAT degree all credits will transfer, general education requirements will be met, and no informal evaluation is needed.

NEIU provides transfer guides and transfer course equivalencies guides to help in selecting courses at local community colleges that will transfer to NEIU courses as well as how they meet general education requirements. These are located at

Additional transfer credit information:

We accept transfer credit from schools accredited by the Higher Learning Commission only.

We accept college level courses only. Developmental and remedial type courses are not accepted.

Science and Education over 15 years and business courses over 6 years old are not transferrable unless approved by the respective department.

Up to 90 total transfer credits are accepted. Maximum of 64 from community college. AP and CLEP are accepted as community college credit.

D grades are accepted but limited to 2 courses and 6 credit hours in general education coursework. D grades are not accepted in a student’s major or minor.

How many credits will transfer into major?
To be counted towards the major, courses transferred to NEIU must be accepted by your major department.  Specific majors and programs may have limits as to age of the credit as well as the number of transfer credits accepted.  It is important to review the transfer polices of your major. The following are general policies for each of NEIU’s Colleges: 

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Arts & Sciences students must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours in courses at the 200 and/or 300 level in their major and a minimum of 9 credit hours in their minor. 

College of Business and Management: 
The maximum number of transfer credits that may be applied toward a College of Business and Management major program is 24 credit hours, and the maximum number of transfer credits that may be applied toward a minor is 9 credit hours. Business courses which are six years old or more are generally not applicable toward a Business and Management major. 

College of Education: 
The maximum number of transfer credits that may be applied toward the Teacher Education Department or Teacher Certification Program is 9 credit hours.  Coursework must have been completed within five years of the time of acceptance with a grade of “B” or higher.

5. What happens once I am admitted?
Please see Next Steps for Transfer Students.  Click on the Transfer Students tab.  You will find comprehensive information on what to do once you have been admitted.

6. How will I know if I am admitted?
Once your file is complete, an admission decision generally takes two to three weeks.  Upon admission, you will receive a congratulations email as well as next steps such as Transfer Orientation, Academic Advising, and Registration.  The application portal will also inform you of your acceptance status at each stage of the application process.  

7. Can I attend another college while attending NEIU?

Dual Admission
Northeastern has signed agreements with many community colleges in the Chicagoland area, which allow for admission to the community college and NEIU.  Under the agreement, students have full access to NEIU’s offices of Enrollment Services, Academic Advising, and Financial Aid. Students must maintain continuous full or part time enrollment with a 2.0 grade point average to remain eligible for the dual admissions program.  Students who are interested in this program should contact the NEIU Admissions Office at (773) 442-4050.

Concurrent Enrollment
For students admitted to NEIU, concurrent registration is available.  Prior to enrolling at another college or university, students meet with their academic advisor to determine which courses are appropriate for the student’s progress toward graduation.  Please refer to the Concurrent Registration page for important information regarding the transferability of courses and the concurrent registration process.  

8. Why should I get an AA or AS?
Beginning with admission to the Fall 1993 semester, students graduating with an approved ICCB (Illinois Community College Board) Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree are granted junior standing and have fulfilled NEIU’s General Education requirements. 

Please note:  in addition to NEIU’s General Education requirements, some majors and programs require specific general education course work for admission into or completion of their program.  For more information, please see NEIU’s Academic Catalog for your major.  

9. How do I know what classes to take before transferring?
If you are attending an Illinois Community College, you may also use the Transfer Course Equivalency Guides to help determine which courses meet the specific requirements for your intended major.  Your community college Counselor or Academic Advisor, as well as the Admissions Counselors at NEIU, are an excellent resource for planning your course work. 

10. When should I apply if I'm currently enrolled in another college?
If you are currently attending another college you need to apply as soon as you know the semester you plan to start in at Northeastern.  Complete the application and send your official transcripts even though you have courses in progress.  This is needed in order to make the admissions decision.  Resend the official transcript upon completion of courses to update your record.  This allows you to receive the admissions decision early enough to allow for planning, registration, etc.  



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