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Welcome to Northeastern

First Year | Transfer | Family Orientation

Welcome to Northeastern Illinois University! We are excited you have selected Northeastern to pursue your undergraduate education. Orientation will familiarize you with the campus, introduce you to your fellow classmates and help you successfully make the transition to NEIU. At Orientation, you will learn about Northeastern's pillars and expectations, have the opportunity to meet with faculty and discuss the differences in workload, as well as learn about the different resources available at NEIU to help support your academic success.

Your day-long orientation will also involve interacting with Northeastern's talented Orientation Leaders (OLs), who will assist in your transition to Northeastern. Please plan to be present for the full day. 

We have customized the following orientation programs to suit the needs of  our diverse student population:

  • First Year (Freshman) Orientation

    • This orientation will cover in detail what it means to be a college student, the differences in work load you will experience, academic support services, financial aid and finalizing your first semester class schedule.
    • Some sessions are designated as Family Orientation.  These sessions within First Year Orientation emphasize parent involvement and support.
    • Some sessions are designated as Family Orientation - Spanish.  These sessions within First Year Orientation are geared towards family members whose native language is Spanish.
  • Transfer Orientation

    • This orientation is for students who are transferring into Northeastern. Students at this orientation feel comfortable in the University environment, understand their general education requirements, but need to specifically learn about Northeastern, its campus, resources, and services.

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