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Inner City Studies, Minor

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Undergraduate students obtain the needs of non-education majors as well as edcuation majors who plan to work in inner city communities and schools. It will provide an opportunity for candidates who are committed to working within the inner city to address the issues that are relevant to understand the community. Two of the minor's core courses (ICSE 326 - Language Behavior in Inner City Communities, and ICSE 331 - Literature of Ethnic Groups) can contribute to Illinois state endorsement in language arts at the middle school/junior high level.

The specific goals of the Minor in Inner City Studies are to:

  • Acquaint students with the multiplicity of career opportunities available in inner city communities.
  • Provide students with opportunities to examine the relationship of inner city career opportunities throughout the world
  • Provide students with career counseling, career related courses, supervised on-the-job experiences and exposure to potential employers in inner city public and private agencies and institutions.

Department Website

Department Website

Degree Requirements 

Required courses for the Minor in Inner City Studies is as follows:

ICSE 326 Language Behavior in Inner City Communities 3
ICSE 329A World Inner City Careers 3
ICSE 331 Literature of Ethnic Groups 3
ICSE 334A Use of Careers for Inner City Studies 3
Electives   6
TOTAL   18

Electives are chosen in consultation with the Inner City Studies Minor Advisor.


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