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Inner City Studies Education (M.A.)

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Graduate students receive emphasis on the scholar/activist tradition, preparing those who work and live in the inner city to understand and participate in the richness of the African-American and other communities. The graduate program places in-depth examination and analysis of the multiplicity of research issies, problems, assumptions, and questions about inner city communities from an African-centered perspective. The aim of this approach is to forge new understandings of human relationships in Chicago area inner city communities and worldwide. Students in this program generally acquire employment in administrative, executive, and teaching positions in inner city educational, human, and social service agencies.

The specific goals of the Master of Arts in Inner City Studies Education are to:
  • Engage in in-depth examinations of the historical, political, economic social and cultural forces that impact the current trends and development of inner city communities worldwide.
  • Comprehensive examinations of the theories, concepts, and philosophies related to the European world view.
  • Comprehensive examinations of the African-centered paradigm and its application for analyzing contemporary inner city communities and issues.
  • Demonstrate in writing and orally an in-depth understanding of inner city issues by developing a major research project.
  • Prepare ICSE graduate students to pursue doctoral studies in related fields of the social sciences and education.

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Degree Requirements 

Required courses for the M.A. in Inner City Studies Education is as follows:

ICSE 411 Graduate Study in the Inner City 3
ICSE 427 Seminar in the Inner City Community 3
ICSE 442 Research Methods in Inner City Studies 3
ICSE 443 Research Writing 3
ICSE 452 Field Internship 3
ICSE 453 Seminar in Field Internship 3
  Approved Electives including ICSE 454
Master’s Project Research (mandatory elective)
TOTAL   30

All courses applied to the Master’s degree must be 400 level Inner City Studies graduate courses.


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