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Bachelor of Arts in Inner City Studies Education (B.A.)

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Undergraduate students are introduced to the political, economic, social, and cultural forces that impact inner city communities. The undergraduate program prepares students to acquire employment in the broad fields of the social and human services including alternative educational programs such as charter schools, contract schools, after school programs, and mentorship programs aimed at advancing inner city yout.

The specific goals of the B.A. in Inner Ciy Studies Education are to:

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  • Examine introductory theories and methodologies of analyzing inner city communities throughout the world.

  • Examine introductory literature of the scholarship and activism associated with addressing the current trends and developments related to the multiplicity of issues and challenges in the inner city including the impact of technology and media.

  • Demonstrate their understanding of inner city issues through written and oral communication, and web-based technologies.

  • Prepare ICSE majors to pursue graduate degrees in Inner City Studies Education and other related fields.


Degree Requirements 

Required courses for the B.A. in Inner City Studies Education are as follows:

ICSE 103 Introduction to Inner City Studies 3
ICSE 201 History and Culture of Ethnic Groups in America 3
ICSE 301 Racism in Theory and Fact 3
ICSE 302 The Inner City Community 3
ICSE 303 Theory and Methodology in Ethnic Group Research 3
ICSE 304 Communication in the Inner City 3
Electives   12
TOTAL   30

Electives are chosen in consultation with an advisor, from undergraduate course offerings in Inner City Studies.

Inner City Studies majors must apply and be admitted to the College of Education by the time they have completed 24 hours. The final six hours of the major may not be taken until the student has been admitted to the College of Education.


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