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Northeastern professors offer students advice in The Mash

5 days ago

How can I avoid all-nighters? What do I talk with my professor about during office hours? What if I have a learning disability? Northeastern Illinois University’s professors have the answers. In a new partnership with The Mash, the Chicago Tribune’s publication for teens, our faculty members address the pressing questions posed to them by high school students who want to know what to expect at the next level of their education.

Northeastern to offer Environmental Science undergraduate degree program

7 days ago

Northeastern Illinois University has been approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education to offer a new undergraduate degree program in Environmental Science, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Richard Helldobler has announced. The program will launch in fall 2015. The new B.S. Environmental Science program is designed to help students understand the complex relationship between the environment and its components, including the impact of human activities on the environment and vice versa.



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