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Current Student Resources: Forms, Guidelines and Policies

Please visit the Registrar's Services page for downloadable forms and guidelines related to graduate education: 

  • Application for Graduation
  • Change of Graduation Date (used when a student who has already applied for graduation needs to change the anticipated graduation date to a different semester).
  • Degree Verification (a form to request a letter indicating all degree requirements have been satisfied before the degree is posted to a student’s official transcript).
  • Enrollment Verification (a form to request a letter indicating that you are/were an enrolled student).
  • FERPA Directory Information (withholds or releases disclosure of Directory Information).
  • FERPA Release Authorization (releases student Education Records to a designated 3rd party).
  • Program Change Request (a form to request a program change from one academic program to another).
  • Thesis Manual (link to the College of Graduate Studies and Research's Thesis Manual)
  • Time Extension Request (a form to request a time extension to complete the master’s degree)
  • Transcript Request (to request a copy of your official Northeastern transcript.)

For information on graduate education policies and guidelines, please visit the Academic Regulations section of the catalog. 

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