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Fall 2014 Class Schedule (PDF)

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The below PDFs provide information regarding classes that are being offered at Northeastern Illinois University during the Fall 2014 semester. You can review the information regarding a) all classes being offered at all NEIU locations, b) classes being offered on the Main Campus only, or c) classes being offered on one of the following campuses: Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies, El Centro, Chicago Teachers' Center, or the University Center at Lake County. In addition, you can see what courses satisfy general education requirements, are being offered online, or as hybrid or videoconferencing course by viewing the appropriate PDF.

The PDFs will be updated each week. You can determine when it was most recently updated by viewing the PDF. Should you need to see the most up-to-date information on a class, you can always log into NEIUport (if you are a student) or use the Guest Access link (if you don't have a login/password).

Note: If the box in front of the CRN is "C", it means that the class is closed. If you have been authorized by the department, you should register using the "Add or Drop Classes to Register" link in NEIUport.

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