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Candidates who are completing a licensure program (Initial, Post-Bac, TLP or FOCUS) at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) and want to add additional endorsements to their PEL must complete an Endorsement Application Form. The deadlines are as follows:

Term of anticipated program

     Filing deadline to submit your
   endorsement application packet

  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • September 15th - October 15th
  • February 1st – March 1st
  • June 1st – July 1st

Candidates must submit their application to the Dean's office, Lech Walesa Hall (LWH) 4044, along with copies of unofficial transcripts from NEIU and all other colleges and universities attended.  Candidates must highlight all classes on the transcripts that they want considered towards the endorsement.  The Dean’s office will evaluate these courses and make the final recommendation.

For further questions, please contact your advisor.

For bachelor’s degree entitlement, please contact Enrollment Services, D 101, 773-442-4203.
For master’s degree entitlement, please contact your program advisor.

For TLP-ELED candidates:
Contact Sean Condon, LWH 0019, 773-442-5374,

TLP-SCED and K-12 programs:
Contact Mike Bochnewych, LWH 0018, 773-442-5387,

Completing your licensure program is the first step in the process. In order to obtain your Professional Educator License (PEL), you must APPLY FOR AND REGISTER your license with the State of Illinois after you have been ENTITLED by Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU). DO NOT APPLY until you receive an e-mail from ELIS letting you know that you have been entitled.

For further information, please download the following document.
For a video that explains the licensure procedure in detail, click here.

Requirements for retention within the College of Education (COE) and program-specific requirements are listed in the NEIU Academic Catalog - College of Education section.

Undergraduate programs:
In order to graduate, you must fulfill University, College of Education, and Program requirements. Refer to the NEIU Academic Catalog for specific information regarding these requirements.

Approximately two terms before you plan to graduate, you should pick up a graduation application from Enrollment Services. The application will have specific instructions regarding the steps to follow in order to apply for graduation. You should also see your program advisor to make certain you have completed all requirements and necessary paperwork.

Graduate programs:
Candidates should apply for graduation approximately one semester in advance of you graduation date. Obtain a graduation application from the Graduate Records Office or online here. Deadline dates and further information can be found the graduation application.


Contact the COE Dean's Office

T (773) 442-5500

Contact the COE Dean's Office

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