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Upon completion of the Program students will:

  • Meet current State of Illinois standards for Elementary Education licensure
  • Gain knowledge of philosophical and educational principles underlying the teaching of elementary students.
  • Gain knowledge and practice methods of teaching elementary students.
  • Qualify for Elementary Education State Type 03 licensure.
  • Complete 100 clock hours in a local school and a student teaching experience.

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Admission to the Program 

In order to be admitted to the program, students must have declared their majors and be admitted to the College of Education.  Students should meet with program advisors to plan their course of studies.  

An NEIU GPA of 2.5 is required to declare a major.

Degree Requirements 

In order to graduate from the program and be entitled to state licensure, students must complete a minimum of 120 hours of study which include the following requirements:

  • University General Education Program
  • Professional Education Coursework
  • Approved Minor or Area of Concentration
  • Additional Courses and Tests Required for State Certification
  • Program Exit Criteria


ELED 301: Curriculum of the Elementary School.

ELED 302: WIP: Methods of Teaching Language Arts-Elementary School.

ELED 304:  Methods of Teaching Social Studies-Elementary School.

ELED 305:  Methods of Teaching Science - Elementary School.

ELED 306A: Methods of Teaching Reading - Elementary School.

ELED 310:  Methods of Teaching Mathematics - Elementary School.

ELED 312:  Teaching Strategies for English Lanuage Learners & Multicultural Students.

ELED 315:  Teaching in the Inner City Elementary School.

ELED 319:  Classroom Organization and Management.

ELED 328:  Clinical Experience in Elementary Education.

ELED 329:  Student Teaching in Elementary Education.

ELED 330:  Creating and Using Puppetry in the Classroom.

Program Contact Information 

For more information, please contact the following Advisor 

Clyde McLeod,  773-442-5394.  Office: Lech Walesa Hall 0020.




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