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The graduate of a Master’s program sequence will be able to (1) design and implement programs for students with exceptional learning needs; (2) consult and collaborate with others on the needs of the students; and (3) analyze and make instructional decisions based on reliable assessments.

There is also a Focus Program in Special Education for licensed teachers only. This program leads to LBS I endorsement without a Masters degree.

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Admission to the Program 

Students must fulfill the requirements for admission to the College of Graduate Studies and Research.

All applicants are required to have two letters of recommendation submitted in support of their applications. These letters should be addressed directly to the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research. The recommendations should be made by persons who have had a supervisory relationship with the applicant in a teaching situation. For applicants with little or no prior teaching experience, letters will be accepted from student teaching supervisors or from professors of education who have observed the applicant’s potential as a teacher in the area of Special Education. 


Block I

SPED 500-Research I: Critical Writing & Research in Special Education

SPED 501-Development and Characteristics of Children and Youth with Disabilities

SPED 502-Development of Cognition, Learning and Language

SPED 503-The Historical, Philosophical and Legal Foundations of Special Education

SPED 504-Theories and Application of Assessment Practices in Special Education


Block II

LTCY 402-Issues in Reading Instruction

SPED 506-Assistive and Instructional Technology in Special Education

SPED 507-Internship I: Assessing & Teaching Individuals with Mild to Moderate


SPED 509- Methods I: Specialized Curriculum & Methods in Special Education


Block III

SPED 505-Consultation & Collaboration: Special & General Education

SPED 508-Methods II: General Curriculum & Methods in Special Education

(Prerequisite: SPED 509, LTCY 402, SPED 506)

SPED 511-Alternative Programming and Curriculum in Special Education

SPED 512-Internship II: Assessing and Teaching Individuals with Moderate to Severe Disabilities

(Prerequisites: SPED 507, SPED 509)


Block IV

SPED 510-Strategies of Behavior Management

SPED 520-Assessment Lab - Applied Diagnostic Assessment

(Prerequisite: Block I, II, and III)

SPED 516-Professional Development of the Special Educator

(Prerequisites: Block I, II and III)

SPED 514-StudentTeaching in Special Education

Licensing Requirements 

(Prerequisites: All other LBS I coursework must be completed prior to student teaching. ICTS exams #155 and #163 must be passed prior to student teaching.)  Key program assessments including ILTS Content-area tests [i.e., ILTS Content-area test: LBS I (#155), Special Education General Curriculum (Test #163)] must be passed prior to student teaching. 

Program Contact Information 

Contact the MA-LBS I Program Advisors, Phyllis LeDosquet [] at (773) 442-5591 or Jolanta Jonak [] at (773) 442-5992 to plan your course sequence and obtain support for successful program completion.


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