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The Master's of Arts (M.A.) in Gifted Education is designed for candidates (teachers, program coordinators, school counselors, administrators, and parents) who are interested in developing and delivering appropriate educational programs for gifted students.

Coursework includes a solid foundation in the nature of giftedness, identification of the gifted, organizational program planning, gifted curriculum, teaching strategies and program evaluation. Additionally, courses are offered to address the social-emotional needs of gifted students, creativity, parenting and advocacy concerns, and the needs of diverse and underserved student populations. 

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Admission to the Program 

  • Applicants must meet the general requirements for admission to the College of Graduate Studies and Research.
  • Applications must include two letters of recommendation from supervisors who know you in a professional capacity.
  • An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is required.
  • A valid Illinois Professional Educator License is required for entry into the program.
  • No GRE is required.

Degree Requirements 

Students in the Gifted Education program must:

  • complete ten courses (3 credit hours each) totaling 30 credit hours of coursework.
  • maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 with no more than 2 grades of C.
  • meet successful completion of an electronic portfolio.
  • complete an individual standards assessment paper.


The 10 courses listed are 3 credit hours each for a total of 30 credit hours for the program.

  • GIFT 450 - Psychology of lndividuals Who are Gifted and Talented 
  • SPED 500 - Research I: Critical Writing & Research in Special Education
  • SPED 451 - Creativity 
  • GIFT 452 - Education of Individuals Who are Gifted and Talented (Prerequisite: GIFT 453)
  • GIFT 453 - Seminar in Curriculum Methods and Materials for the Gifted (Prerequisite: GIFT 450 or GIFT 454)
  • GIFT 454 - Gifted Education Seminar: Teaching Gifted Students in the Inclusive Classroom
  • GIFT 456 - Parenting & Advocacy for Individuals Who are Gifted and Talented
  • GIFT 458 - Meeting Gifted Students' Social-Emotional Needs (Prerequisite: GIFT 450 or GIFT 454)
  • GIFT 459 - Field Demonstration in Gifted Education
  • GIFT 462 - Identifying and Providing for Underserved Gifted Students (Prerequisite: GIFT 450 or GIFT 454)

Course Schedule

Students enter the M.A. program as a cohort; the program can be completed within three years. Contact the program's advisor to discuss a schedule that fits your needs.

Fall I
Spring I
Summer I
GIFT 450 SPED 500 see list
Fall II
Spring II
Summer II
GIFT 453 GIFT 452 see list
Fall III
Spring III
Summer III
GIFT 458 GIFT 456 GIFT 459

GIFT 462, and/or SPED 451, and/or GIFT 454

Licensing Requirements 

Students must possess a valid Illinois Professional Educator License, required for entry into the program.

Program Contact Information 

Michele Kane, Ed. D.
Associate Professor, Special Education
Program Coordinator/Advisor
Office: LWH 4055
Phone: (773) 442-5594



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