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The Department of Literacy Education Provides Personalized Instruction

We offer graduate programs in Literacy Education to prepare classroom teachers to be Reading Specialists and Literacy Coaches as well as Reading Teachers at the Elementary and Secondary levels. Teachers who complete our programs assume positions as Reading Specialists and Literacy Coaches with responsibility for whole-school literacy programs as well as professional development support for colleagues. Others become literacy interventionists working with teachers and their students who struggle with reading and writing. Still others choose to pursue a degree or certificate in Literacy Education to further their own skills so that they can provide high-quality instruction for their students in the classrooms. Often middle school and high school teachers enter the program seeking ways to help their students access the information in their content-area textbooks more effectively.

In small classes of less than twenty graduate students, teachers have opportunities to interact collaboratively and collegially as they engage in learning experiences designed to support and enhance literacy instruction for diverse student populations. We believe strongly that 21st century literacy learning encompasses the integration of technology including digital and social media. To this end, we provide our students access to devices to support the use of current technologies. As teachers progress through our programs, we strive to involve them in the larger literacy community through participation in professional development events and other networking opportunities. Our students often assume leadership roles in professional literacy organizations at the local, state, and national levels.

Admission requirements

Applicants to the Graduate Programs in Literacy Education program must meet the admission requirements of the College of Graduate Studies and Research.  For admission to the Graduate Programs in Literacy Education, candidates must also provide evidence of: 1) current Illinois professional educator license endorsed for teaching; 2) completion of a course in educational psychology; 3) grade point average of 2.75 in undergraduate; or a grade point average of 3.0 in the major of education coursework; 4) evidence of Illinois Basic Skills or TAP tests; essay focused on professional experiences and goals;  and 5) one year full-time teaching experience as the teacher of record in the MA program. ISBE requires 2 years as teacher of record in an Illinois school to be licensed as a Reading Specialist.

contact us

For information about programs in Literacy Education in the Department of Educational Leadership, please contact the program coordinator, Dr. April Nauman. She may be reached by phone  773.442.5377 or by email at Her office is 2052 Lech Walesa Hall. The Department office is located at 2062 Lech Walesa Hall. Please feel free to stop in for additional information.

Literacy Education

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Contact the COE Dean's Office

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