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The Bachelor of Arts degree with a Physical Education major can lead to the Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL) for teaching Physical Education (K-12).

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Admission to the Program 

Students considering a major in Physical Education must make an appointment with the program advisor: Marianne Morrissey, MA:  (773.442.4159).

Prior to declaring the Physical Education major in the Department of HPERA, students must have passed the Illinois Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS) Test of Academic Proficiency and provide evidence of this to the program advisor. Students in all majors will be required to take a Writing Intensive course in the major. In addition to the College of Education requirements for admission and retention, the Department of HPERA requires the following before students will be allowed to participate in clinical experiences or register for the courses that immediately precede student teaching:

1. a 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale) grade point average in all major courses; 

2. removal of all incomplete grades in courses offered by the department; 

3. satisfactory completion of all required courses in both professional preparation and major core coursework;

Additionally, students in teacher preparation programs will not be allowed to move into their student teaching if they have not passed the ILTS Content Area Examination in their major. 

Degree Requirements 

Physical Education majors, upon successful completion of the program and graduation from Northeastern Illinois University, are entitled to the Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL). The program includes the 32 credit hour Education Professional Program (includes PEMT-201) and 50 credit hour Physical Education Major. Students are encouraged to complete one of the minor programs in Health Education.

Unique to the Physical Education Major is the Block Program which is taken during the Senior year. In the Block Program, major courses are taken on campus during the morning hours. The student will spend six weeks in an elementary school for a minimum of 50 clinical hours, and six weeks in a high school for a minimum of 50 clinical hours. Coaching an interscholastic sport. NOTE: Students must be admitted into the College of Education no later than two semesters prior to the semester they wish to enter into the Clinical Block.

Additionally, students must have completed all professional preparation (with the exception of SCED-305P) and major core coursework prior to entering into the Clinical Block.


Required Courses: (85 cr hr.)
Professional Preparation (27 cr)
PEMT-201 Principles and Methods in Physical Education (3 cr)
EDFN-305 Philosophical and Historical Foundation of Public Education (3 cr)
EDFN-306 Education and Individual Differences (3 cr)
EDFN-307 Psychology of Instruction and Learning (3 cr)
PEMT-343 Foundations PE for Elementary Schools (3 cr)
ELED-311 School Curriculum (3 cr)
HLED-305 Health Education in Secondary Schools (3 cr)
LTCY-301 Teaching Reading in Junior and Senior High School (3 cr)
PEMA-316 Writing in the Professions (3 cr)

Physical Education Major Core (40 cr hr)
PEMA-151 Fundamentals of Rhythms (3 cr)
PEMA-231 Individual and Dual Sports (3 cr)
PEMA-276 Team Sports (3 cr)
PEMT-202 Tests and Measurements in PE (3 cr)
PEMT-203Y Lifelong Sports and Activities (3 cr)
PEMT-342G Psychology of Sports (3 cr)
PEMT-206 Sport & PE in Contemp. Society (3 cr)
PEMT-293 Scientific Found. of Motor Learning (3 cr)
PEMT-302 Kinesiology (3 cr)
PEMT-303 Adapted Physical Education (3 cr)
PEMT-305 Functional Human Anatomy (4 cr)
PEMT-306 Physiology of Exercise (3 cr)
PEMT-372 Adv. Educ. Curriculum Design (3 cr)

Clinical Classes (9 cr hr)
PEMA-344 Found. of PE in Sec./Mid. Schools (3 cr)
PEMT-311 Coaching and Team Mgt (3 cr).
PEMT-341 Organization/Mgt. of PE Classes (3 cr)

Student Teaching (9 cr hr)
SCED-305P Student Teaching (9 cr)


Licensing Requirements 

Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS) Test of Academic Proficiency

Program Contact Information 

Undergraduate Advisor:

Ms. Marianne Morrissey, MA:  (773.442.4159)


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