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The Health Education Minor is prepares students to meet state requirements for the middle school endorsement in health education.

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Degree Requirements 

The Health Education Minor is 18 hours; 9 hours must be at the 300 level and grades must be C or better. Students seeking to meet state requirements for the high school endorsement in health education may continue their coursework beyond the minor. To earn a high school endorsement, students must complete 24 hours of coursework. Of these 24 hours, 12 hours must be at the upper division level, grades must be C or better, and the ILTS content-area test (Health #142) must be passed.



Students must complete the five required courses:
HLED 305 Health Ed. for Middle/High School (3 cr)
HLED 304 Org./Admin. of School Health Prog. (3 cr)
HLED 303 Sex Education (3 cr)

HLED 309 Nutrition and Health (3 cr)

HLED 345 Drug Education (3 cr)

Students must complete 3 hours of elective credit in one of the following areas. Students pursuing a high school endorsement in health education must complete 9 hours of elective credit in at least 3 areas.

Family And Interpersonal Relationships
HLED 199 Health/Well. and Emerging Adol (3 cr)
HLED 342 Aging, Dying, and Death (3 cr)

PSYC 110 Life Span Development (3 cr)

Community Health And Disease Prevention
HLED 103 Community Health (3 cr)
HLED 307 Human Diseases (3 cr)
HLED 312 Current Health Concepts (3 cr)
HLED 316 Health Disparities (3 cr)
HLED 308 Health Behavior Theory (3 cr)

Health Related Skills
HLED 101 First Aid and CPR (3 cr)
HLED 111 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (3 cr)
HLED 206 Standard First Aid Instructor (3 cr)
HLED 212 Consumer Health Education (3 cr)

Program Contact Information 

For further information, please contact Program Advisor, 

Marianne Morissey

773-442- 4159


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