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The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Health and Wellness: Community Health and Wellness prepares students for professional positions in a variety of health-related settings, including government, industry, the non-profit sector, and health service delivery organizations. The Community Health and Wellness track is a non-teacher certification track.

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Degree Requirements 

The Community Health and Wellness internship is comprised of a semester-long fieldwork experience with weekly assignments.
The field experience consists of a minimum of 100 clock hours of work (typically unpaid) in a community health and wellness agency during the major’s final spring semester. Community Health and Wellness majors must be admitted to the College of Education in order to start the internship fieldwork component. Moreover, it is highly recommended that Community Health and Wellness majors gain admission to the College of Education prior to applying for the spring internship – this application process occurs early in the fall semester that precedes the spring semester internship.


Required Core (34 credit hours)
PEMT 305 Functional Human Anatomy (4 cr)
HLED 212 Consumer Health (3 cr)
HLED 303 Sex Education (3 cr)
HLED 307 Human Diseases (3 cr)
HLED 309 Nutrition and Health (3 cr)
HLED 345 Drug Education (3 cr)
HLED 103 Community Health (3 cr)
HLED 314 Principles of Epidemiology in Hlth Edu (3 cr)
HLED 312 Current Health Concepts (3 cr)
HLED 316 Health Disparities: Individ/Commun/System (3 cr)
PEMT 316 WIP: Writing in the Professions (3 cr)

Electives (any 2 for 6 credit hours)
HLED 199 Health Wellness & Emerging Adolescent (3 cr)
HLED 305 Health Ed in Middle & High School (3 cr)
HLED 342 Aging, Death, Dying (3 cr)
PEMT 306 Physiology of Exercise (3 cr)

Professional Preparation Level 1 (6 credit hours)
HLED 304 Organization & Administration of School Health (3 cr)
HLED 308 Principals of Individual Health Practice (3 cr)

Professional Preparation Level 2 (3 credit hours)
HLED 350 Health Program Needs, Assessment, Planning (3 cr)

Professional Preparation Level 3 (12 credit hours)
HLED 360 Health Program Administration, Marketing, Evaluation (3 cr)
HLED 370 Field Experience: Community Health (9 cr)


Licensing Requirements 


Program Contact Information 

Undergraduate Advisor:

Ms. Marianne Morrissey, MA:    (773.442.4159)


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