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The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers various graduate and undergraduate programs and courses at all levels.

The mission of the Department of World Languages and Cultures is to provide high quality instruction in world languages, and to prepare students to be lifelong learners and engaged citizens through the critical study of the literatures and cultures associated with these languages.

The language and critical thinking skills you develop through written and oral exposition, research, and service learning will enhance your career opportunities in today's global society and provide the basis for a lifetime exploration of multiple cultures and worldviews.

Choose One of Our Academic Programs.

1. Latin American Literatures and Cultures (M.A.)

2. Spanish Major (B.A.)

3. Minors

4. Teacher Licensure Programs

Learn Languages and Cultures at Any Level.

Look up courses offered by the Department of World Languages and Cultures in NEIUPort. On the new screen that will appear, click the table to select the current semester and desired language to view course listings.

Taught in English

Designated 'WLC' for 'World Languages and Cultures'

WLC 200 Introduction to World Cultures:
WLC 200A Arab Culture
WLC 200B Brazilian Culture
WLC 200C Chinese Culture
WLC 200F French & Francophone Cultures
WLC 200I Italian Culture
WLC 200J Japanese Culture
WLC 200L Latin American Cultures
WLC 220 Culture through Film
WLC 302 Introdution to Teaching World Languages


Arabic 101 and 102
Chinese 101 and 102
French 101 and 102
Italian 101 and 102
Japanese 101 and 102
Korean 101 and 102
Polish 101 and 102
Portuguese 101 and 102
Spanish 101 and 102


French 201 to 299
Spanish 201 to 299
You can enroll in an intermediate course if you have taken its prerequisite, or if you placed into it through our online placement exam.


French 300 to 399
Spanish 300 to 399

You can enroll in an advanced course if you have taken its prerequisite, or if you have the consent of the instructor. Spanish 400-level courses are reseved for students in the Master of Arts program  in Latin Anerican Literatures and Cultures.

World Languages and Cultures

Contact Us at World Languages and Cultures

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Contact Us at World Languages and Cultures

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