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Nancy A. Matthews Ph.D. portrait image

Nancy Matthews

Women & Gender Studies Coordinator
(773) 442-4791
LWH 4063
Laurie Fuller portrait image

Laurie Fuller

Professor and Program Advisor
Women's and Gender Studies
(773) 442-4552
LWH 2086
Ann Botz portrait image

Ann Botz

Office Administator
LWH 2096
Tony Adams portrait image

Tony Adams

Communication, Media & Theatre Department Chair
(773) 442-5928
FA 242
Shelley A. Bannister Ph.D., J.D. portrait image

Shelley Bannister

Justice Studies
(773) 442-5953
LWH 3025 & Building B, Suite 147
Timothy P Barnett portrait image

Timothy Barnett

Advisor Graduate Program-Composition
(773) 442-5822
Lech Walesa Hall 2016
Brandon P Bisbey Ph.D. portrait image

Brandon Bisbey

Assistant Professor of Spanish
(773) 442-4622
Lech Walesa Hall 2042
Ellen S Cannon portrait image

Ellen Cannon

Political Science
(773) 442 - 5655
LWH 2073
Kim L Davidson portrait image

Kim Davidson

Social Work
(773) 297-1165
Aneta Galary portrait image
(773) 442-4802
Northeastern Illinois University
Emily Garcia PhD portrait image

Emily Garcia

Latino & Latin American Studies Coordinator and Program Advisor
(773) 442-5563
Lisa A Hollis-Sawyer Ph.D. portrait image

Lisa Hollis-Sawyer

Psychology, Gerontology Program Coordinator, Women and Gender Studies Core Faculty
Bernard Brommel Hall 307-E
Brooke Johnson portrait image
(773) 442-4771
Northeastern Illinois University
Joan Marie Johnson portrait image

Joan Johnson

(773) 442-5642
Lech Walesa Hall 4092
Kate Kane portrait image
(773) 442-5973
FA 241
Julie H Kim portrait image
(773) 442-5825
Lech Walesa Hall 2002
Catherine A. Korda portrait image
(773) 442-4790
LWH 3025
Tracy J. Luedke portrait image

Tracy Luedke

Coordinator, Global Studies Program
(773) 442-5621
BBH 138
Erica R Meiners portrait image

Erica Meiners

Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies
Northeastern Illinois University, LWH 4008
Adam M. Messinger Ph.D. portrait image
(773) 442-4798
LWH 4069
Francesca Morgan portrait image
(773) 442-5609
Lech Walesa Hall 4095
Audrey M. Natcone J.D. portrait image
(773) 442-4795
LWH 4032
Wamucii Njogu portrait image

Wamucii Njogu

Dean, Sociology and Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
Office of the Dean Room 158 - Bernard Brommel Hall
Kristen L Over portrait image
(773) 442-5833
Lech Walesa Hall 2006
Olivia Perlow portrait image
(773) 442-4773
Northeastern Illinois University
Milka Ramirez PhD, MSW portrait image

Milka Ramirez

Curriculum Specialist: Social Work Practice
Social Work
Vida Sacic portrait image

Vida Sacic

Graphic Design
FA 226C
Timothy H Scherman portrait image

Timothy Scherman

Audrey Reynolds Distinguished Professor
(773) 442-5817
Northeastern Illinois University
BarBara Scott portrait image

BarBara Scott

Professor Emeritus
(773) 442-4775
Jade Stanley EdD, MSW portrait image

Jade Stanley

Chair of the Social Work Program
Social Work
Terry Stirling Ph.D. portrait image

Terry Stirling

Educational Leadership and Development
(773) 442-5527
LWH 4007
Brett Stockdill portrait image

Brett Stockdill

Chair, On Leave
Northeastern Illinois University
Durene Wheeler portrait image

Durene Wheeler

Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies
Northeastern Illinois University-LWH 2053

Women's and Gender Studies

WGS Faculty and Staff

WGS Faculty and Staff

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