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In consultation with the music minor advisor, the student designs an individualized and appropriately balanced program to meet personal interests and needs.

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Admission to the Program 

Contact the Recruitment and Scholarship Coordinator below.

Degree Requirements 

Courses are selected from the departmental curriculum and may not include MUS-101. Students must obtain the advisor’s approval for the total program plan, and declare the minor prior to coursework. Individual applied instruction and ensemble credits may be combined for a maximum of 5 credits. All applied and ensemble credits must be approved in advance by the Music Minor Advisor. All music minors must attend a total of 20 concerts sponsred by the Department of Music. A total of five concerts occurring in off-campus venues may be applied to the required 20 if they are approved in advance by the student's Music Minor Advisor.

Students in the Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education programs who have selected this minor are required to complete a department course of study, and a minimum of nine hours at the 300-level to meet graduation and licensure requirements.


Consult with an advisor to determine actual program coursework
TOTAL program* 23 credits

* Education minors may need to complete additional coursework in order to meet state licensing requirements. Consult with the minor advisor for more information.


In addition to the course requirements for performances, students will have ample opportunities to perform off-campus with local and regional organizations. While these additional opportunities are extra-curricular, they are highly encouraged for résumé building, and overall musical growth and exposure within the larger musical performance environment. Depending upon the student's particular skill, teaching within the applied area may be possible. Students may also use the knowledge and skills acquired in this minor to enhance their major area(s) of study.

Careers & Employment 

Performing in the applied area of study, teaching privately, working in a professional music or performance-related environment, or work in other entrepreneurial endeavors related to music. Overall talent will determine the level of success one experiences as a professional performer.

Program Contact Information 

Sasha Gerritson
Recruitment and Scholarship Coordinator
Department of Music and Dance Program
(773) 442-5609

Music and Dance

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