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In consultation with the dance minor advisor, the student designs an individualized and appropriately balanced program to meet personal interests and needs.

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Admission to the Program 

Contact the Dance Program Coordinator listed below.

Degree Requirements 

  • Students entering the program must demonstrate technical ability and must obtain the advisor’s approval for the total program plan.
  • Students must complete a requisite number of hours in Dance Composition, and Seminar in Dance Performance to satisfy dance minor requirements
  • Students in the Early Childhood Education programs who have selected this minor must complete a minimum number of hours at the 300-level to meet graduation and certification requirements. Some dance classes may be taken more than once.


Consult with an advisor to determine actual program coursework  
TOTAL program* 30 credits*

* Education minors may need to complete additional coursework in order to meet state licensing requirements. Consult with the minor advisor for more information

Suggested 4-Year Course Schedule 

See program advisor for suggested course schedule and map


This program provides opportunities to participate in the many dance events both on and off campus. Students may also use the knowledge and skills acquired in this minor to enhance their major area(s) of study.

Careers & Employment 

Performing in the applied area of study, teaching privately, working in a professional dance or other performance-related environment, and/or work in other entrepreneurial endeavors related to dance. Overall talent will determine the level of success one experiences as a professional performer.

Program Contact Information 

Dr. Venetia Stifler
Dance Program Coordinator
Department of Music and Dance Program
(773) 442-5918

Music and Dance

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